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SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE ARC 1701 Architectural History for Non-Majors Summer Term  (F1) Ancient Greece 1: (01) Mycenaean Culture (1500-1100 BCE ) Bronze Age - Minoan influence - Legendary heroes of Homer's Iliad & Odyssey (a pre-Greek civilization) - Mainland Greece small “city states” loosely united under king of Mycenae - Citadel (acropolis) fortified hilltop = defensible settlements - “Cyclopean” masonry construction: massive stone walls, corbelled arch/vault (2) Citys: Tiryns and Mycenae - Massive walls, corbelled vault passageways, defensive concepts in planning - Megaron : house with porch, interior columns & central hearth; precedent for evolution of Greek temple form, Minoan influence on decorative arts & form - Mycenae excavated by archaeologist Schliemann in 19th century - Beehive Tomb: tholos (tomb) and dromos (passageway) w/ corbelled vaults - Monumental Gateway at Mycenae: The Lion Gate w/ trabeated form & lions - Dorian Invasion
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