(H) Etruscan & Roman Civilizations

(H) Etruscan & Roman Civilizations -...

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SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE ARC 1701 Architectural History for Non-Majors Summer Term  (H) The Etruscans and Rome (01) Italian Penninsula During the 1st Millennium BCE: Many competing culures: Etruscans, Greeks ( Magna Graecia ), Carthaginians & native Italic Tribes - Latin Tribe settles on Tiber R. (c.800 BCE ) - founded Republic (c.500 BCE ) (02) Etruscans: Etruia = 12 City League dominated Romans until Republic era - Practical Builders: true arch and sophisticated water project engineering - Culture influenced by Greek colonies in southern Italy - Tumulus : Etruscan tomb = home for afterlife filled w/ artifacts - Temple Form (Greek influence): Tuscan Order w/ terra cotta ornament, raised base with front-axial access. (03) Roman Republic (500 BCE - 44 BCE ) & Roman Empire (31 BCE - 476 CE ) - Military conquest of Italian Penninsula (343 BCE - 270 BCE ) - Punic Wars with Carthage (264 BCE - 146 BCE ) Hannibal invades over Alps (04) Roman Contributions to Building Technology - Arch, Vault & Dome construction = creation of interior space
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(H) Etruscan & Roman Civilizations -...

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