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(K) Carolingian and Romanesques Architecture

(K) Carolingian and Romanesques Architecture - SummerTerm...

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SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE ARC 1701 Architectural History for Non-Majors Summer Term  The Dark Ages, Carolingian and Romanesque Architecture in Western Europe (01) The Dark Ages: The Decline of Classical Civilization in Western Europe - 5th Century : Barbarian migrations overrun Western Empire (476 CE ) - Bishop of Rome (Pope): spiritual leader of church & secular leader of Rome - Death of Justinian (Emperor Eastern Empire) heralds "Dark Ages" (556 CE ) - Collapse of urban systems, no money, roads or economy, local autonomy (02) Monasticism: Abbot Benedict at Monte Cassino = 1 st Monastic Rules - Monasteries provide only schools, libraries, hospitals, orphanages, literacy (03) Frankish Empire: Franks overrun Gaul (486 CE) , Clovis unites Frankish tribes - Charles Martel (chief minister) defeats Moslems at Tours (732 CE ), son Pepin establishes Carolingian Dynasty w/ Papal support = divine right of kings - Charlemagne ( Charles the Great) (768-814) forges new “European empire” and is crowned emperor of "Holy Roman Empire" (800
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