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(L) Medieval and Gothic Architecture

(L) Medieval and Gothic Architecture - SummerTerm(L...

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SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE ARC 1701 Architectural History for Non-Majors Summer Term  (L) Medieval and Gothic Architecture (01) Influences and Building Characteristics in France (12 th -15 th century) - French monarchy, national identity, breakdown of feudalism, growth of cities - New Technology: pointed arches, flying buttresses & lighter ribbed vaults - Romanesque "cataclysmic" vs. Gothic "shining light" ( ) - (02) Early Gothic Churches in France (where Gothic architecture evolved) - Abbey Church of St. Denis, near Paris (1137-40) royal monastery & tombs - Abbot Suger planned new style: westwerk, ribbed vaulting & stained-glass - Notre-Dame Cathedral, Laon (1155-c.1205) - Cruciform plan w/ unique towers (oxen), mixed Gothic/Romanesque features - Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris (1163-c.1250) - Flying buttress bracing to expand clerestory windows - (03) High Gothic Churches of France examples:
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