(N2) Late Renaissance, Mannerism and the Renaissance Garden

(N2) Late Renaissance, Mannerism and the Renaissance Garden...

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SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE ARC 1701 Architectural History for Non Majors Summer Term Late Renaissance, Mannerism and the Renaissance Garden (01) Mannerism (begins about 1520) term created by 20 th c. scholars - Maniera ”: Italian term for grace or refinement, came to mean self- indulgence, self-consciousness or superficial artifice (cunning) - Mannerism = imbalance, tension, distortion and unresolved conflict - Personal artistic expression thru manipulation of classical language - High Renaissance vs Mannerism = harmony vs. discord (tension), design elements distinct/separate vs ambiguity/multi-purpose in Mannerism (02) Sebastiano Serlio: Seven Books on Architecture : 1st architectural encyclopedia - Serliana : from triumphal arch form (aka Palladian motif ) (03) Giorgio Vasari (1511-74): architect & writer of Renaissance biographies - The Uffizi Palace (c.1560): office annex to Palazzo Vecchio…now a museum (04) Gulio Romano (1499-1546): grew up in Rome a painting apprentice to Raphael
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