(O1) Baroque in Rome and N. Italy

(O1) Baroque in Rome and N. Italy - SummerTerm The Baroque...

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SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE ARC 1701 Architectural History for Non Majors Summer Term The Baroque in Rome and Northern Italy (01) Background and History of Church in 16th & 17th centuries - 16th c. period of conflict & contradiction for Catholic Church - Reformation 1517 & Counter-Reformation 1534 = reforms & redirection - “Baroque” = emotional, dramatic, theatrical, axial & political architecture - 17th c. period of confidence & dynamic action = Jesuits & missionary work (02) Baroque in Rome: reinforce power & authority of church, theatrical architecture - Il Gesu, Rome (1568-76) Mother Church of Jesuits = new church model by Vignola (church) & Giacomo della Porta (facade): drama & preaching - S. Susanna, Rome (1596-1603) Carlo Maderno: façade w/ center focus - Baroque Planning in Rome: Pope Sixtus V (1585-90) pilgrim amenities: new “roads” & Egyptian obelisks for orientation, aqueducts & new fountains (03) New St. Peter's, Rome (1546-64, 1606-12) finally completed in 17 th century
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