(O2) Baroque in France, England, Spain and Central Europe

(O2) Baroque in France, England, Spain and Central Europe -...

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SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE ARC 1701 Architectural History for Non Majors Summer Term The Baroque in France, England, Spain and Central Europe (01) Baroque in France: focus on monarchy, not church or mercantile class - Baroque more restrained & "classical" than in Italy - Dominant force: King Louis XIV "The Sun King" (1643-1715) - The Louvre Palace, Paris (Renaissance additions 16th-17th c.) Bernini prepares 3 schemes for East Front (1665): too wild / new Baroque design by Le Vau, Le Brun & Perrault (1667-70) more in restrained French tradition - Chateau Vaux-le Vicomte (1657-61) Le Vau, Le Brun, & Le Notre / jealous King confiscates estate, imprisons owner & brings designers to Versailles - The Palace (originally Royal Hunting Lodge) at Versailles becomes center of French government and is very influential to both planning and architecture - St.-Louis-des-Invalides, Paris (1670-1708) J. H. Mansart: triple dome (02) Baroque in England: dominated by Sir Christopher Wren & his pupils - Not monarchy or church dominated: strong private sector limits power
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