(R3) 19th Century New Technologies and the Chicago School

(R3) 19th Century New Technologies and the Chicago School -...

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SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE ARC 1701 Architectural History for Non Majors Summer Term The 19 th Century: New Technologies, the Chicago School and the “White City” (01) Cultural, Social & Technical Context - Development of modern truss designs: stability of triangle = bigger spans - Development of railroads (early 19th c.) = bridges & fireproof buildings - Extensive glass use for greenhouses, public buildings & train stations (02) New Technologies - Wood “balloon frame” & mass-produced nails in U.S. = new building craft - Concrete Construction: "tabby" vs. reinforced concrete Hotel Ponce de Leon, St. Augustine (1887) by Carrere & Hastings St. Jean de Montmartre, Paris (1894) by Anatole de Baudot - Iron & steel developed in bridge, railroad & utilitarian projects Bridges at Menai Straights, Wales (early-mid 19th century) Brooklyn Bridge, NYC (1869-83) J.A. & W.A. Roebling (03) Iron Construction in England - Royal Pavilion at Brighton (John Nash - Crystal Palace (1851) by Joseph Paxton =
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