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(T3) 20th Century Post War Modern Architecture in America

(T3) 20th Century Post War Modern Architecture in America -...

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SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE ARC 1701 Architectural History for Non Majors Summer Term 20 th Century: Post War Modern Architecture in America (01) Cultural, Social & Technical Context of Mid-20th C. Modernism - Architectural education (Gropius), suburbanism & technology = "progress" - International Style Modernism adopted by corporate America SOM: Lever House, NYC / John Hancock, Chicago / Sears Tower, Chicago - The Glass Box Houses: Philip Johnson & Mies (Farnsworth) (02) Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) Taliesin Fellowship (East & West) - Broadacre City and the Usonian Houses (1930s-1950s) - Johnson Wax Company, Racine, Wisconsin (1936-39, 1946-49) - Florida Southern College, Lakeland (1940-) “ children of the sun - Gugenheim Museum, NYC (1957-59) (03) Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in America (1938-69) "less is more" - Illinois Institute of Technology, Crown Hall Architecture Building (1956) - 860 Lakeshore Drive Apartment Towers, Chicago (1949-51) - Seagram Building, NYC (1958) (with Philip Johnson) (04) Le Corbusier: Post WW II "Le Modular" & "brises-soleil" - Unite’ d' Habitation, Marseille (1946-52)
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