(U) 21st Century Historic Preservation, Sustainability and Fantasy

(U) 21st Century Historic Preservation, Sustainability and Fantasy

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SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE ARC 1701 Architectural History for Non Majors Summer Term 21 st Century, Historic Preservation, Sustainability and Fantasy (01) Concepts, Issues and Values in the 21 st Century - Globalization = loss of regional character and “sense of place” - Building technology and computers = unlimited form possibilities - How will computer and communication technology change societies? (02) Historic Preservation (HP) - HP acts as a counter force to technology and change - In U.S. HP exploded after the Historic Preservation Act of 1966 - Examples of restoration, reconstruction and rehabilitation (adaptive use) - Context compatibility or compatible design (03) New Urbanism aka “Neo-Traditional Design”
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Unformatted text preview: - Social connectivity, pedestrian scale, mixed use, unified design of streets and public spaces = coherent public environment - Seaside, Florida near Panama City (1981-) by Andres Duany & Plater-Zyberk - Mashpee Commons, Cape Cod, Mass. (1990s) (04) Sustainability: preserving resources and possibilities for future generations - Environmental compatibility - Energy conservation - Use of renewable resources - Waste reduction and recycling of materials - Water conservation - Green buildings (green roofs) - Buckminister Fuller: geodesic dome and spaceship earth - Glenn Murcutt: regional architecture in Australia (05) Fantasy Architecture...
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