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grant writing and project design - Business Propsals and...

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Business Propsals and For-profit causes We'll start with the business or for-profit proposal package to find support for new business ventures and projects. So if you are seeking grants and loans for a business enterprise, this section will be especially helpful to you. The Business Proposal Package As you create your proposal for a new business venture or for the expansion of an existing business project, you'll need to include a summary of your operational and financial objectives, as well as detailed plans and budgets. Your goal is to convince government and corporate funders and investors that the proposed business venture is needed, viable, and will bring positive change to the industry and community you serve. Let's go over each of the business Gold Medal Proposal Package elements in order so you can see the similarities with and differences from the nonprofit Gold Medal package. Just remember, every funder will request a slightly different set of materials and documents—as always, each situation will be unique! Here's a brief overview of the elements funders may request in a business proposal: 1. Application cover letter 2. Executive summary 3. Business description 4. Management section 5. Needs assessment 6. Program objectives 7. Marketing analysis and plan 8. Research and development 9. Operations and manufacturing 10.Financial plan and budgets 11.Evaluation plan 12.Bibliography and appendices Now let's take each element one at a time. Application cover letter. This is the first page of your proposal package, and it needs to be in true letter format. So begin by listing the date and the funder's
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name and address. Then address the individual with "Dear _____ ," and be sure to close with "Sincerely" or "Cordially" and the appropriate signature. Within the body of this brief letter you'll summarize the proposed business project and include your contact information. In two or three paragraphs, you'll briefly introduce and describe your business, major successes, and the intended community and clients you will serve. You'll also outline the proposed program, including two or three sentences on the need, and close with the amount you're requesting. Remember, these paragraphs are only a brief overview and introduction to your complete proposal, so don't get too detailed here. Executive summary. This is a one-page, concise overview of the key elements of your proposed project. It's actually the cornerstone of your proposal, so I recommend that you write it last , editing it from the entire proposal once it's complete. Many funders are so pressed for time that they decide whether proposals are worthwhile based on what they read here. So you've got to be concise, informative, and compelling. In the Supplementary Material section of this lesson, you'll find a helpful link with
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grant writing and project design - Business Propsals and...

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