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common grant propsal notes - *See grant and fundraising...

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*See grant and fundraising database for list of foundations that accept the Common Grant Application An option that's designed to simplify your life—or simplify the life of certain foundations—is the common grant application. What is a common grant application? Some foundations in certain regions have joined together to give you the option of preparing a single request on a series of forms. The requests completed on these forms can be submitted to multiple member foundations. Sound divine? Well, not exactly. The forms are mostly elaborate, and in many cases require you to reformat your budgets, for instance, to fit their forms. But sure, it could be useful if indeed you find a couple of foundations in a single region and want to submit to them—then it would be one-stop shopping. But before we go further on this, please, please don’t consider the existence of these forms and the fact that you have labored greatly to prepare one an excuse to send your proposal winging off to every one of the funders who accepts the form. You can't just do a bulk mailing without any customization. The very constraints and cautions I outlined earlier most certainly apply here. Note also that not every foundation in every state will accept this form. The form's usefulness is limited to certain areas. However, if you are interested in more than one foundation in one of the following regions, you can check to see if they are among the foundations accepting common grant applications. (There is a Web site where you can find these, and I have included the URL in the Supplementary Material for this lesson.) If they are, filling in a common grant application can be a route to follow. But please, before you do this, make quite certain that you have double-checked the funder’s
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common grant propsal notes - *See grant and fundraising...

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