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WGA's RFP - Request for Proposal 2009 Grants[Organization...

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Request for Proposal 2009 Grants [Organization Name – Proposal Title] [Date] Welcome Thank you for your interest in providing XXXXXXXX for XXXXX to enhance opportunities in XXXXXX. We invite you to submit a proposal for support for [Proposal Title]. WGA Grantmaking Goal and Guiding Principles The Women’s Giving Alliance makes strategic, research-based grants that: Facilitate systemic change to improve how women and girls are served in our community; Apply creative solutions to critical needs; Produce lasting and measurable impact on the lives of women and girls. In its grantmaking, WGA: Uses community research to develop initiatives; Focuses on prevention and effective intervention; Fosters collaboration with service delivery organizations and with other funders; Supports new ideas and untested efforts, as well as programs that have demonstrated results and impact; Establishes expectations for sustainability; significant, lasting value; and impact. Eligible Organizations Organizations must be physically located in and serve one or more of the five counties of Northeast Florida. (Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau, St. Johns) Applicants must be qualified as tax-exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS or classified as a unit of local government. Areas generally NOT funded: Capital and endowment campaigns, fund-raising events and primarily food programs. Excessive or unrelated operating expenses (unless the grant request is for unrestricted operating support); however, operating support may be considered if it supports a given program and/or enhances the capacity of organizations to grow. 1
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Travel and conferences; however, expenses may be considered if expense is related to supporting professional development/training of staff to build capacity.
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