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Nature Trail walk by road that connects to field by bike shack At its start begin at the bike shop and if the walk occurs in the morning mention the chirping birds you hear across the field. These birds are called Kill Deer. Adults will sometimes act like they are wounded to deter predators away from their nesting young. Maritime Hammock-the mangroves and the pines that grow near the seashore. Mar is the spanish word for sea. ON LEFT Strangler Fig , Ficus aurea Tree can grow up to 50 ft and has aerial roots that it will wrap around its host, which the fig eventually kills, hence the name “strangler fig”. Its fleshy fruit is yellowish to reddish. ON LEFT Morning Glory , Ipomoea imperati On eof the first beach invaders after a storm ON LEFT Railroad Vine , Ipomoea pes-caprae Plant has been use3d to treat fevers, tumors, and jellyfish stings. Its flowers last one day. Its Latin Family name, Pes-caprae means goat’s foot, a reference to the shape of the leaves. ON LEFT Spanish Needle Flower , white with yellow centers, flowers have a peppery taste and are sometimes used on salads. ON RIGHT Sweet Acacia , Acacia farnesiana It is richly supplied with paired, pale gray spines. Little yellow flowers ON LEFT Wild sage which is also known as Wild lantana , Lantana involucrata Plant attracts butterflies. Teas consumed from its leaves are remedy for colic, measles, and chickenpox. ON LEFT Fire Bush hamelia coccinea, hamelia erecta. Has red and green leaves, also known as hummingbird bush, polly red head, Texas fire cracker, scarlet bush. Can grow up to 12 feet tall Medicinal uses: insect bites, menstrual disorders, uterine - and ovarian afflictions. ON LEFT Wild Coffee , Psychotria nervosa It’s a woody evergreen shrub that can grow up to 6ft that grows throughout South florida except in the everglades. Roasted seeds from this plant have been used as a coffee substitute. Teas made from the leaves have been consumed for colds and stomach ailments. ON LEFT Seagrape , Coccoloba uvifera Has the big and broad circular leaves that are red/green. Its grapes are dark/purple and used to make win and jelly. Teas made from the roots, leaves, and bark have been used to treat diarrhea, hemorrhages, and asthma. ON RIGHT
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Biketrailnaturewalkeeprogram[1] - Nature Trail walk by road...

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