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We are all connected - Sunshine State Standards for We are...

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Sunshine State Standards for We are All Connected The student uses the scientific processes and habits of mind to solve problems. (SC.H.1.4) 1. knows that investigations are conducted to explore new phenomena, to check on previous results, to test how well a theory predicts, and to compare different theories 3. understands that no matter how well one theory fits observations, a new theory might fit them as well or better, or might fit a wider range of observations, because in science, the testing, revising, and occasional discarding of theories, new and old, never ends and leads to an increasingly better understanding of how things work in the world, but not to absolute truth. 6. understands that, in the short run, new ideas that do not mesh well with mainstream ideas in science often encounter vigorous criticism and that, in the long run, theories are judged by how they fit with other theories, the range of observations they explain, how well they explain observations, and how effective they are in predicting new findings. 7. understands the importance of a sense of responsibility, a commitment to peer review, truthful reporting of the methods and outcomes of investigations, and making the public aware of the findings. The student understands the consequences of using limited natural resources. (SC.G.2.4) 2. knows that changes in a component of an ecosystem will have unpredictable effects on the entire
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We are all connected - Sunshine State Standards for We are...

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