The Government Proposal Package

The Government Proposal Package - The Government Proposal...

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The Government Proposal Package One thing that's essential in writing successful government proposals is team grant writing . Government grant proposals are often between 50 and 200 pages long, including supplemental documents and attachments. That's a lot of work! So work with your team to find good match RFPs (request for proposals) that aren't due for at least 30 to 60 days. This will give you the time you need to create a concise, compelling, and informative proposal package. Your development team will need to include your organization's leadership, grant writers, researchers, and your finance officer. You'll need to have ongoing meetings to study the RFP and its requirements; draft and write essential narrative, budget, and data segments; and plan and problem solve together. Also, it will be vital for you to contact your partners early in the process. Government proposals generally require detailed partner listings and Memorandums of Understanding from each partner who is working with you on the proposed program. As for the RFPs, you'll need to read through them several times and study them to get a complete understanding of all the information and materials the funding source requires. Pay very close attention to the lettered sections and what they stand for. For example, section B may relate to the project timeline, section C may be about the evaluation section, and section K may ask for a listing of your staff and their bios and qualifications. If you're sensing that the required information may be scattered in many different sections of the RFP, you're exactly right! I've found that putting the RFP in a three-ring binder with dividers in front of each section has helped me keep track of the information much more easily. I also use a highlighter and sticky notes to mark information that I need to remember, materials and documents I need to gather, and any questions I have regarding the information or the process. One extra help is to put your completed RIS form in front of the binder. This will allow you to spot at a glance the specific instructions you need to remember about the proposal due date, the number of copies, page limits, font size, page margins, and packaging and
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The Government Proposal Package - The Government Proposal...

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