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Sample Artists on a Mission Final Report

Sample Artists on a Mission Final Report - Artists on a...

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Artists on a Mission 12345 Mission Street Los Angeles, CA 90017 July 15, 2006 Ms. Eileen Grant, President Fun Art Foundation 4321 Art Support Street, Suite 111 Anytown, Anystate 11111 Dear Ms. Grant, The support that Artists on a Mission received from the Fun Art Foundation has helped convert the dream of building a Student and Parent Theater Project in South Central Los Angeles into a reality. We are proud of our accomplishments during the 2005–2006 season and are pleased to share them with you in the Final Report. The program involved the entire community and ultimately produced a series of plays that were showcased at the Forum Theater. Youth from impoverished areas were introduced to all aspects of the theater, including acting, set building, set decorating, lighting, makeup, marketing, and producing a play. Students had the opportunity to work with professional actors, teachers, and theater directors. And they not only learned the essentials of production but also participated in a series of evening and matinee performances. Parents also played an essential role in the program and were crucial in designing and creating the costumes and sets. With the support of the Fun Art Foundation, Artists on a Mission was able to go beyond exposing students to the business of theater to bringing together different communities to build cultural bridges. Two special participants, Dennis Washington and Jasper Guy, delivered a message of unity and provided unique and special experiences for our students and families. The general public within our communities also benefited from the plays we produced: Hip Hop We Don't Stop, The Last Dragon, and The Short Tail , plus a repertory of new works that featured Jasper Guy. Progress on Objectives 1. Artists on a Mission will measure its success in the Student and Parent Theater Project through the retention of at least 80% of its 100 students within the program. Artists on a Mission successfully provided a Student and Parent Theater Project for 145 students—surpassing its goal of 100 students. Due to an overwhelmingly positive response in recruitment, Artists on a Mission hosted its largest Student and Parent Theater Project to date. Interest grew because of past positive experiences within the community, and for the first time in our history, we had to create a waiting list for student and parent enrollment. As a result, the retention of the previously enrolled students and parents was also the highest it
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has ever been, at 95% . Students and parents saw the demand for the project and felt it was something special. They also knew that if they did not attend the program regularly, they could be replaced by an eager student or parent on the waiting list. This sense of demand also created a sense of pride for all those who participated.
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Sample Artists on a Mission Final Report - Artists on a...

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