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BLANK Research Information Sheet (RIS)

BLANK Research Information Sheet (RIS) - Contributors List...

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Funder Research Information Sheet (RIS) Contact Information Organization name:   EIN# if applicable: Web site address:   Mailing address: E-mail address:    Phone:         Fax:    Contact person:    Title:    Due date:    Decision-making process and turnaround time: Geographic limitations: Average gift: BUZZWORDS or   Program emphasis: REASONS MY FOUNDATION  DOES   NOT   QUALIFY FOR A GRANT  
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ISSUES TO NOTE:   Documentation Organization Information:  History and Background  Press and Printed Materials, Photographs  Mission and Goals  Projected Income and Expense Budget  Major Accomplishments  Audited Financial Statement  Board of Directors (with Affiliations)  Future Funding Paragraphs and List
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Unformatted text preview: Contributors List Staff and Leadership Bios IRS 990 Form Other ____________________________ 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Papers Proposed Project Package: Initial Approach: Overview of Proposed Program Paragraphs Letter of Inquiry Need Statement Letter of Request Measurable Objectives Formal Proposal Timeline Application Form Evaluation Plan Letters of Support or Collaboration Project Budget and Request Contact History Call Date Name of Contact Outcome and Next Steps Date Submitted Outcomes and History of Applying to this grant...
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