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5-Minute Science Lab Safety Inspection  1. Do you have a 15-lb. ABC-type fire extinguisher?  2. Do you have a fire blanket or 100% wool camping or utility blanket?  3. Do you have an eyewash that treats both eyes at the same time, provides a continuous wash  for 20 minutes, and is supplied with water from a clean water source?  4. Do you have a safety shower or body drench?  5. Do you have a first aid kit? Is it completely stocked?  6. Do you have safety signs prominently posted next to all required safety equipment? 
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Do you have chemical spill control equipment including sand to contain the spread of a spill, kaolin or kitty litter to absorb a liquid spill, and sodium bicarbonate to neutralize an acid spill ? 8. Do you have adequate ventilation for chemical fumes, such as an exhaust fan or a fume hood vented to the outdoors? 9. Do you have goggles marked with the code Z87 and lab aprons for every student in your class? 10. Are all of your electrical outlets protected with ground fault interrupters (GFI)?...
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