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different types of grants - A to Z Grant Writing Your...

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A to Z Grant Writing Your Instructor: Linda Vallejo Lesson 01 Chapter 4 Which Type of NON-PROFIT Grant Will Work for You? As a nonprofit organization, you have at least 12 types of grants available to you. Let's take a look at what they are and how they can be used. 1. General fund , general operating, or unrestricted grant : A funder gives this type of grant to further the general purpose or work of an organization, rather than focusing on one specific purpose or project. These types of grants cover the regular personnel, administrative, and miscellaneous expenses of an organization as they work on an existing program or project. With unrestricted funds, an organization can spend the money in any way it sees fit. In contrast, with restricted funds you must spend according to the grant agreement. For example, you would target restricted funds to cover the cost of an outside evaluator who assesses program accomplishments, the purchase of equipment needed to fulfill the program's goals, or for salaries of personnel directly working on the program. 2. Building or renovation : A funder provides these types of grants for constructing, renovating, remodeling, or rehabilitating property. Funders generally give these grants to organizations they've given to previously. When you ask for building funds, the complete proposal package should include other sources of support, including in-kind donations of materials and supplies and capital support grants from other funding sources. 3. Continuing support : These grants can be renewed on an annual basis. You would submit your request to funders who have supported your organization in the past. 4. Curriculum development grants : These awards go to schools, colleges, universities, and educational support organizations to develop general or discipline-specific curricula. 5.
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different types of grants - A to Z Grant Writing Your...

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