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Diversifying Your Funding Base

Diversifying Your Funding Base - Diversifying Your Funding...

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Diversifying Your Funding Base Today the most successful organizations have learned how to diversify their funding base. How? By combining grants and donations from a wide variety of funding sources. Why is there a need to do this? Well, for one example, government funding sources are decreasing dramatically. Another reason is that the majority of funders will expect you to gather a team of diverse funders to support your efforts. Let's take a look at how developing a diverse funding base can be helpful to your organization. Let's say that a government source has provided funds for a program your organization is currently implementing. What does this mean for you? It means that you can use these funds to secure matching grants from a variety of foundation and corporate funders. Of course, you'll need to contact the government funding source directly to find out what percentage of the original award you can match with foundation and corporate funds.
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