facebook - What Good is Facebook(July 5 2011 Having a...

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What Good is Facebook? (July 5, 2011) Having a Facebook page for your nonprofit can help drive traffic to your website and raise awareness of your organization, but it is proving less effective at helping an organization recruit volunteers and raise funds, according to a recent survey. The company Idealware recently surveyed 505 nonprofit staff members already using Facebook at their organization and found that, for certain purposes, Facebook can be quite useful. Over 70 percent of respondents said Facebook helped them attract new event attendees. Seventy percent also saw a significant increase in traffic to their websites because of their Facebook presence. Plus, about 66 percent of respondents from advocacy organizations saw an increase in people taking some notable form of action, such as signing a petition. However, there were some areas in which Facebook brought less success. Only about 40 percent reported success converting Facebook fans into donors or volunteers. And, only a small percentage of organizations are seeing success in
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facebook - What Good is Facebook(July 5 2011 Having a...

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