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mission statement

mission statement - A mission statement 1 explains the...

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A mission statement 1) explains the reason for the existence of that institution 2) defines the activities, sets institutional priorities 3) confirms the institution’s commitment 4) is the engine that drives all its activities. 5) is short. As the blueprint of institutional activities, this mission needs to be clear, uncluttered, and largely free of adjectives. 6) is used on all publications having to do with the organization 7) it's commonly accepted that they won't exceed 100 words and that they will refrain from using adjectives where possible. 8) The general rule is that if the proposed undertaking is not in harmony with the stated institutional mission, or will require elaborate public explanation, don't do it. IT IS NOT: 1) the place to give all your program descriptions PURPOSE OF A MISSION STATEMENT To justify the need for resources, you must first explain who you are, why you exist, and who you serve. What do you do that others don't? What do you do that might interest me? Explaining Yourself to the Public Institutions must explain to the public who they are so that the public will judge them fairly by mission and performance of that mission. Institutional definition is essential because it puts your institution in a class and enables me, as a member of the public, to understand why you exist. Once I understand why you exist, I can then make a judgment about whether I want to participate in your programs, whether you are performing them well, and finally, whether you are worthy of my support. Today, public institutions everywhere have to make a strong case for public support.
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In just a few sentences (100 words or less), a mission statement needs to communicate the essence of the organization. Some can be quite short:
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mission statement - A mission statement 1 explains the...

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