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Home > Resource Center What Fundraisers Can Learn From Salespeople (March 15, 2011) You are a nonprofit fundraiser, so for-profit sales and marketing techniques have little to do with your job, right? Not so, says Jeff Mendola, an AFP member who comes from a career in for-profit sales and marketing. He uses elements of both in his role as fundraiser, and he thinks you should too. "We often think of sales in negative terms and distance ourselves from the idea that fundraisers sell," Mendola says. "However, have you ever made a major purchase knowing nothing about the product in advance?" Probably not, he says. The same is true in fundraising. You have to reach out to people, spark their interest, inform them and earn their trust. These are core principles in sales. Mendola will present a session at the International Conference on Fundraising in Chicago titled "Sales and Marketing are Not Four-Letter Words." In an interview with eWire this week he recommends that tapping into our experience as consumers ourselves can be very helpful in understanding the donor experience. "A good salesperson is an advocate for you, the consumer," Mendola explains. "He or she will listen to find out your interests and honestly explain the features and benefits of the product being considered. They allow you to make an informed decision when
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what fundraisers can learn from salesman - Home >...

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