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PAD 6208 Term Paper on Project Chance by Sarah Stewart Project Chance is a 501 (C)(3) that has been driven by the following mission statement for only a few years: to provide clinically prescribed and individually trained service dogs with the specific skill sets needed to aid children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); so that those children will be able to achieve maximum potential and independence in executing therapeutic, social, and physical tasks at a higher rate of success throughout their life. This mission statement was last updated: January 2010. It does not match the 990 from 2008 because of the recent change. The closest organization that trains dogs for this purpose is in Tampa, Florida. It is called Kids and Canines. It appears to be a more informal program with little accreditation. Project Chance uses the standards for service dog performance as set by Assistance Dogs International and the American Kennel Club as its minimum performance level. Since its determination as a nonprofit in 2006 the need for the dogs trained through Project Chance was immediate. Dogs started to be placed in 2008. Growth has been so positively exponential and unpredicted; that the board and director decided it needed a year to focus on just development and administrative tasks before more puppies are brought into the program. Families have been put on a waiting list until 2011. The timeline for Project Chance to have enough man power and be able to increase the number of dogs while sustaining appropriate resources is three more years. When the idea first started coming into fruition in 2005, the board of trustees was composed of only four people that met occasionally in Jacksonville on an informal basis. These four people were dog owners and friends, a banker, a lawyer, and a business owner. Like a lot of things; the board has experienced a recent evolution in its structure. The 2010 strategic planning meeting included the presence of several new board members who have contributed essential roles. The new board now consists of nine members: a banker, interactive sales director from Brenda Broadcasting in Jacksonville, a self-employed friend, broker from Prudential, and a retired tax attorney/adjunct professor at Fl Coastal School of Law; amongst four other friends and community residents. Project Chance is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce so that they’re kept abreast with local events, issues, procedures, and laws.
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The board of directors of Project Chance will constitute a single class and shall be presided over by a Chair who shall have the powers set forth in the bylaws. The power to alter, amend, or repeal the bylaws of Project Chance insofar as allowed by law, is vested in the board of directors. The number of board members may be increased or decreased by a majority vote from the full board of directors. Those directors must be at least eighteen years old, and do not need to be a resident of Florida. They will be appointed annually by the board and are elected for a term of one year. Such elections will take
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Term Paper - PAD 6208 Term Paper on Project Chance by Sarah...

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