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PAD 6208 NONPROFIT FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SPRING 2010 CHECKLIST FOR TERM PAPER 1. Describe the organization in terms of size. 2. Organization’s Mission a. Describe; b. last updated? c. Does it match the IRS 990? d. Are there competing organizations? 3. How does the board carry out its fiduciary duties? a. Are meetings regular, announced, and well attended? b. Are minutes of meetings available? c. Is there a finance Committee? 4. How does the budget system work? a. How is it prepared and by whom? b. Who’s responsible? c. Are budgets required for fundraising events?
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Unformatted text preview: d. Is the budget process in the by-laws e. How many times in the last year were budgets met? 5. Have estimates for the goals and objectives been realistic? a. How measured? b. Is there a monitoring system? 6. Are the by-laws available? 7. What are the primary ways revenues are raised? a. Who do they compete with for revenues? b. Have they been successful; Why, why not? 8. Analysis of Balance Sheets (5yr. projections) 9. Analysis of Income Statements (5 yr. projections)...
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