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Schwarz 1 Rachel Schwarz ENG 112-NF Mr. O’Brien 28 April 2011 Reflection B.F. Skinner, the famed American behaviorist and social philosopher commented, “We shouldn’t teach great books; we should teach a love of reading” (“B.F. Skinner Quotes”). I have always prided myself on my scholarly aptitude and dedication to learning. However, I have always loathed being forced to read lackluster literature and mind-numbingly boring books. I have never been inspired to pick up a book and just read for pleasure. I have always been “taught” great books, but have never really taken an active interest in learning about the great books. I have interpreted and analyzed classics novels including Beowulf , Hamlet , and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , yet I have not once cherished reading. This semester, in ENG 112 Composition and Literature, I accomplished the impossible. At long last, I thoroughly took pleasure in interpreting assigned reading. I felt like I was not only being “taught”, but I was enjoying learning. Last semester, reading material was solely non-fiction. While I thrive on employing rhetoric and persuading an audience, I was unable to identify with any of the assignments. However, first semester provided me with an intellectual basis for pathos, ethos, and logos; all of which I was able to identify and analyze in The Book of the Dun Cow . I was captivated by the Book of the Dun Cow but really connected with Margaret Luongo’s If the Heart is Lean . In my essay titled “The Nature of Individuality”, I evaluated how Luongo demonstrated character development of identity through female protagonists. In essence, this made me contemplate my
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Schwarz 2 own station in life. As the female protagonists, I too am developing my identity as an independent adult woman. From the readings of “Do That Everywhere”, “Pretty”, and “Cake”, I became aware that I need not be driven by the male figures in my life. It is imperative that I establish my own position in society. As I stated in almost every writer’s memo, I found the peer editing process to range from minimally to moderately beneficial. Each round my essays had been edited by Brett Proudfoot and Shawna Hendricks. Brett and Shawna had always come fully prepared to class with drafts of their papers. Alas, I received very few corrections or input from my editors. There would be an occasional notice of an incorrectly used semicolon or a segment of awkward wording, but I never obtained any substantial adjustments. The most considerable tweak that I completed occurred in
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final paper 112 - Schwarz 1 Rachel Schwarz ENG 112-NF Mr....

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