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concert report one - Schwarz 1 Rachel Schwarz Dr. Tammy...

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Schwarz 1 Rachel Schwarz Dr. Tammy Kernodle MUS 135 Section A Fall 2010 25 October 2010 Miami University Jazz Ensemble On the nippy, autumn night of October 5, I approached the wooden doors to Hall Auditorium, where the Miami University Jazz Ensemble would execute its first performance of the academic school year. Upon entry, I was greeted by several well dressed Miami University students who were plentifully distributing programs and doling out wishes that I would thoroughly enjoy the presentation. As I set foot into the concert hall, I was entranced by the auditorium’s towering ceilings and soft, ambient light. I took my seat in the middle row of the sea of expansive red, cushioned seats. As the rest of the audience members took their seats, the recitalists congregated onstage, chattering with one another amidst sounding out strings of notes on their instruments. At precisely five minutes past eight o’clock, the musicians seated themselves, arranged their sheet music, and prepared to perform to the half-filled auditorium of jazz enthusiasts. When the performers were seated and the conductor entered stage right, I could fully appreciate the arrangement of the ensemble. Each musician, conductor included, was outfitted in
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concert report one - Schwarz 1 Rachel Schwarz Dr. Tammy...

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