age vs need - under 18 is 21%. • A number of “tax...

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Rachel Schwarz Mrs. Adrienne Cohen GTY 154-F 30 November 2010 Entitlement: Age or Need? Most Vulnerable: The entire elderly population, people above an advanced age, elders in minority ethnic groups, older women, rural or inner-city elderly, the physically or mentally frail, older people who are vulnerable to abuse or neglect, older adults living in poverty. Should be based on need: Older people are receiving too much of the government’s funding (younger generations not receiving enough) Allocation of funds to elderly has created economic deficits (supporting elderly is too much of a financial burden, mostly because of Medicare) It is young Americans, not the retirees collecting the benefits, who will be forced to pay for these programs through interest on the debt or higher taxes. Older people are already more prosperous- U.S. census figures show that the poverty rate among the elderly is below 10% while the poverty rate for children
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Unformatted text preview: under 18 is 21%. • A number of “tax breaks” go disproportionally to older people with higher incomes • The least advantaged need special consideration if they are to receive their fair share of benefits. Should be based on Age: • Raising the age for receiving Medicare benefits from 65 to 67 would save billions of dollars and prevent bankruptcy. • Means-tested programs are “stigmatizing”, causing feelings of embarrassment and shame • It is difficult for the government to determine who is actually in need or who are the least advantaged elderly people. • There is no need to change policies on age-based policies- “universal” age-based programs (Medicare and Social Security) already contain features that provide benefits for the most needy. • Benefit programs based on age relieve middle-aged children of the need to support their parents....
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age vs need - under 18 is 21%. • A number of “tax...

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