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Schwarz 1 Rachel Schwarz Mrs. Adrienne Cohen GTY 154-F 11 November 2010 “I’m Alive, I’m 80, and I’m Blessed” On a clear Wednesday morning, I opened the heavy, white-washed Starbucks door to venture into the unfamiliar. My eyes centered in on a petite, elderly woman sporting a chunky knit sweatshirt and tinted trifocals. It was evident that this was Adele, the woman who I would ask to expose the intimate details of her experiences with old age. Although gerontology focused topics extend far and wide, I elected to concentrate on biological perspectives, on psychological perspectives, and on our mutual interest in cooking. After briefing Adele on the nature of the assignment and on my intentions, we seated ourselves at a cramped corner table and began to chat about the realities of growing old. Upon wedging ourselves into the straight backed, wooden chairs, I observed that Adele leaned a glossy, chestnut cane against the wall. Immediately, I transitioned into our conversation in regards to the biological perspectives of aging. In regards to her body or frame, Adele reported a thickening in the waist and in the thighs claiming that, “Gravity had taken a hold.” Additionally, in regards to her exterior, Adele has yet to experience any hair loss or skin discoloration such as lentigo, or spotting that appears as a result of accumulated melanin. However, Adele has suffered a bout of skin cancer, which “nearly half of all Americans who live to age 65 will develop” (Quadagno 128). Also in accordance with biology, when I asked Adele about how much muscle or strength she had retained, she quickly responded, “None,” and proceeded to chuckle. She admitted to having no endurance and having difficulty reaching
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Schwarz 2 shelves. I then invited Adele to give details about her previous experiences with exercise. She
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GTY Paper - Schwarz 1 Rachel Schwarz Mrs Adrienne Cohen GTY...

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