Term List-1 - Term List BIO 197, College of Mt. St. Joe a-,...

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Term List BIO 197, College of Mt. St. Joe a-, an- not, without, deficient: anesthesia ab- away from, from: abnormal -able capable of, having ability to: viable -ac, -al pertaining to: cardiac acou- hearing: acoustics acro- extremity, tip: acrosome ad- to, near, toward: adduction aden-, adeno- gland: adenoid af- toward: afferent -algia, -algesia pain: analgesia ambi- both sides: ambidextrous ana- up, back: anaphase andro- male: androgen angio- vessel: angiogram ante- before: antepartum anti- against: anticoagulant apo- from: apocrine arachn- spider: arachnoid arthr-, arthro- joint: arthritis , -ary connected with: coronary -asis, -esis condition or state of: homeostasis atel- imperfect: atelectasis aut-, auto- self: autism, autolysis Baro- pressure: baroreceptor Bi- two, double, both: bifurcate Bio- life, living: biology Blast-, -blast immature or productive cell: blastocyst Blephar- eyelid: blepharitis Brachi- arm: brachialis Brachy- short: brachyesophagus Brady- slow: bradycardia Bronch- trachea, windpipe: bronchoscopy Bucc- cheek: buccal Capit- head: decapitate Carcin- cancer: carcinogenic Cardi-, Cardio- heart: cardiac Cata- down, lower, against: catabolism -cele enlarged cavity: blastocele -centesis puncture: amniocentesis Cephal- head: hydrocephalus Cerebro- brain: cerebrospinal fluid Cervic- neck: cervical Cheil- lip: cheilosis Chole- bile, gall: cholesystisis Chondro- cartilage: chondrocyte Chrom-, Chromat- color: chromatin -cide destroy, kill: germicide Circum- around: circumcision -cis cut, incision -clast broken, osteoclast Coel- cavity: coelom Col-, Com-, Con- with together: congenital Contra- against, opposite: contraceptive Cortico- outer portion, cortex: corticotropin Cost- rib: costal cartilage Crani- skull: craniotomy Cryo- cold: cryosurgery Crypt- hidden, concealed: cryptorchidism Cut- skin: subcutaneous -cyst, Cyst- sac, bladder: blastocyst Cyto-, -cyte cell: melanocyte Dactyl- digits: polydactylism De- from, down: depolarization Derma-,
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Term List-1 - Term List BIO 197, College of Mt. St. Joe a-,...

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