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Rachel Schwarz ZOO 161-AC 7 February 2011 Pesticides and the Nervous System Close to half a million people each year are killed due to exposure to insecticides. Pesticides, or insecticides, are chemical compounds used to kill certain organisms that would potentially damage crops and other property. Pesticides can be deadly when they act on the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. An interference with acetylcholine leads to muscle spasms and possibly death. Although the misuse of pesticides causes problems, insecticides are beneficial for our economy. Pesticides preserve produce, reduce infestations by unwanted organisms, and increase the production of crops. Unfortunately, there is a disagreement as to whether pesticides should be continually used in production.
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Unformatted text preview: The government must decide between the health aspect of the country versus the economic aspect. Currently, the pesticide AZM has been banned by the EPA for use on a dozen crops. The EPA argues that an immediate removal of AZM would produce a staggering economic downward spiral. I agree with the EPA on their statements about gigantic losses of funds if pesticides were not utilized in production. The current system we employ now already works. Pesticides can continue to be used for those that are not in opposition. Those in opposition can purchase organic products, which are processed without pesticides. It is mandatory though that the EPA maintains strict standards on food quality and highly supervises production with pesticides....
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