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Rachel Schwarz ZOO 161-AC Cardio Benefits of Exercise Exercise has numerous positive effects on the human body. Exercise reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer, stroke, and heart attack. Additionally, exercise improves memory, strengthens bones, and can relieve anxiety. Most importantly, exercise causes the heart to become a more efficient pump; as the heart pumps more blood with each beat. Conversely, exercise increase blood flow to the heart. Therefore, oxygen and nutrients can be delivered quickly to the heart cells and wastes can be eliminated at the same rate. The amount of hemoglobin increases as well as the blood volume and number of red blood cells.
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Unformatted text preview: Furthermore, exercise lowers blood pressure and increase the concentration of high-density lipoproteins in the blood. However, one will not continually reap the benefits of cardiovascular exercise unless the work is strenuous and persistent. To obtain utmost benefits from exercise, one must reach a target zone of 70-85% of one’s maximum heart rate. This level of exercise must be practiced at least 3 days a week in at least 20 minute sessions. Overall, cardiovascular exercise can provide remarkable benefits for the human heart and body. Exercise will increase quality of life and produce mental and physical release....
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