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Rachel Schwarz ZOO 161-AC Leg Lengthening Leg or limb lengthening is a controversial procedure that dwarfs can utilize to gain a few inches in height; to finally become an almost average sized person. Limb lengthening is extremely painful. The group Little People of America claims that there is a danger of vascular and nerve damage. However, many find the ache worth the final reward of increasing several inches in height. The actual procedure of leg lengthening is gruesome. Both the femur and shin bones are broken in surgery. Automatically, the broken bones involuntarily begin to spawn new bone. As
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Unformatted text preview: the bones are healing, a physical therapist works to pull the bones apart, making them longer. This is how leg lengthening can add inches to a dwarf’s height. Personally, as ghastly as the surgery appears, I believe that it is a person’s privilege to choose to have their legs lengthened. If one is willing to suffer the pain of recovery, then one should have the right to the procedure. However, I believe more research should be performed to determine if any vascular or nerve damage ensues....
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