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Ch05 - Chapter 5 Chapter The Self by Michael R Solomon...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 Chapter The Self by Michael R. Solomon Perspectives on the Self Does the Self Exist? – – Western Societies The Self is an object to be pampered – – Non-Western Societies Stress the importance of the Collective Self – – Western & Non-Western Societies Inner, Private Self Outer, Public Self – – Perspectives on the Self Self-Concept – – Components of the Self Content Positivity or Negativity Intensity Stability Over Time Accuracy – – – – – Perspectives on the Self – Self-Esteem Social Comparison Self-Esteem Advertising – – – – Real and Ideal Selves Fantasy: Bridging the Gap Between the Selves Perspectives on the Self Multiple Selves – – – – – – We Have As Many Selves As We Do Different Social Roles. Role Identities Symbolic Interactionism The Looking-Glass Self Self-fulfilling Prophecy Perspectives on the Self – Self-Consciousness – – Public Self-Consciousness Self-Monitoring Consumption and Self-Concept Products That Shape the Self: Products You Are What You Consume You – Symbolic Self-completion Theory – – Loss of Self Self/Product Congruence – – Self-Image Congruence Models Consumption and Self-Concept The Extended Self – – – – – Individual Level Family Level Community Level Group Level Sex Roles Gender Differences in Socialization – – Gender Goals and Expectations Agentic Goals Communal Goals – – – Macho Marketers? Sex Roles Gender Versus Sexual Identity – Sex-Typed Traits – – – Sex-Typed Products Androgyny Sex Roles – Women’s Sex Roles – – Cheesecake: The Depiction of Cheesecake: Women in Advertising Women Male Sex Roles – Beefcake: The Depiction of Beefcake: Men in Advertising Men Sex Roles Gay and Lesbian Consumers – The Proportion of the Population The That Is Gay and Lesbian Is Difficult to Determine Measure Difficult – Body Image Body Image Body Cathexis – – Ideals of Beauty – Ideal of Beauty – Is Beauty Universal? Ideals of Beauty Over Time – – Sexual Dimorphic Makers – Figure 5-1: Waist-Hip Ratios Body Image Working on the Body – Fattism Body Image Distortions – – Bulimia Dysmorphic Disorder – – Cosmetic Surgery Breast Augmentation – – Body Image Body Decoration and Mutilation – – Purposes Served: – – – – – – – To separate group members from non-members To place the individual in the social organization To place the person in a gender category To enhance sex-role identification To indicate desired social conduct To indicate high status or rank To provide a sense of security Body Image ...
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