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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 Chapter Personality and Lifestyles by Michael R. Solomon Personality • Personality • Lifestyles Consumer Behavior on the Couch: Freudian Theory • Freudian Systems • Id • Pleasure Principle • Superego • Ego • Reality Principle • Sometimes a Cigar Is Just a Cigar • Phallic Symbols Consumer Behavior on the Couch: Freudian Theory • Motivational Research • Depth Interviews • Reasons to Use Motivation Research • Tends to Be Less Expensive • Help Develop Marketing Communication That Appeal to Deep-seated Needs • Findings Seem Intuitively Plausible After the Fact Consumer Behavior on the Couch: Freudian Theory • Neo-Freudian Theories • Karen Horney • Compliant • Detached • Aggressive • Alfred Adler • Proposed That Many Actions Are Motivated by People’s Desire to Overcome Feelings of Inferiority Relative to Others Inferiority Consumer Behavior on the Couch: Freudian Theory • • • • • Harry Stack Sullivan Focused on How Personality Evolves to Reduce Anxiety in Social Relationships • Carl Jung Analytical Psychology Collective Unconscious Archetypes Consumer Behavior on the Couch: Freudian Theory • Trait Theory • Introvert Versus Extrovert • Specific Traits Relative to Consumer Behavior • Innovativeness • Materialism • Self-consciousness • Need for Cognition Consumer Behavior on the Couch: Freudian Theory • • Problems with Trait Theory in Consumer Research Brand Personalities • Brand Personality • Brand Equity • Animism Consumer Behavior on the Couch: Freudian Theory • • • Two Types of Animism Level 1: The Object Is Believed to Be Possessed by the Soul of a Being Level 2: Objects Are Anthropomorphized, or Given Human Characteristics Lifestyles and Psychographics • Lifestyle: Who We Are, What We Do • Lifestyle • Lifestyle Marketing Perspective Lifestyles and Psychographics • • • • • • Lifestyles as Group Identities Lifestyle Taste Public Consumer Group Symbolic Community Status Culture • Products Are the Building Blocks of Lifestyles Figure 6-1: Linking Products to Lifestyles Lifestyles and Psychographics • Product Complementarity • Consumption Constellations • Psychographics • The Roots of Psychographics • Motivational Research Motivational • Quantitative Survey Research Lifestyles and Psychographics • • Conducting a Psychographic Analysis Psychographic studies can take several different forms: • • • • • A Lifestyle Profile A Product-specific Profile A Study That Uses Personality Traits As Descriptors A General Lifestyle Segmentation A Product-specific Segmentation Lifestyles and Psychographics • • • • AIOs Activities, Interests and Opinions 80/20 Principle Benefits Lifestyles and Psychographics • • • • • • • • • • Uses of Psychographic Segmentation To Define the Target Market To Create a New View of the Market To Position the Product To Better Communicate Product Attributes To Develop Overall Strategy To Market Social and Political Issues Lifestyles and Psychographics • Psychographic Segmentation Typologies Segmentation typologies • Vals The Values and Lifestyles (VALS™) System • Vals 2™ Uses a Battery of 39 Items (35 Psychological and 4 Demographic) to Divide U.S. Adults Into Groups, Each With Distinctive Characteristics Into Figure 6-2: VALS2 Segmentation System* Lifestyles and Psychographics • Regional Consumption Differences • Food Preferences • The Arts and Entertainment • Geodemography • Single-Source Data • Cluster Analysis • Single-Source Data Lifestyle Trends: Consumer Behavior in the New Millennium • Affinitization • Trend Forecasting: Peering into the Crystal Ball of Consumer Behavior Behavior • Social Trends Figure 6-4: Responses to Selected Items in the 1999 DDB Needham Lifestyle Study Lifestyle Trends: Consumer Behavior in the New Millennium • Consumer Trends ...
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