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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 14 Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Chapter Subcultures Subcultures by Michael R. Solomon Subcultures and Consumer Identity • Subcultures Ethnic and Racial Subcultures • Ethnic Subculture • Ethnicity and Marketing Strategies • High context Culture • Low-context Cultures Ethnic and Racial Subcultures • • • Is Ethnicity a Moving Target? “Melting Pot” De-ethnicitization • The “Big Three” American Subcultures • New Ethnic Groups • Ethnic and Racial Stereotypes Figure 14-1: America’s Newest Markets African Americans • Black -- White Consumption Differences Hispanic Americans • Sleeping Giant…Was Ignored • Appealing to Hispanic Subcultures • Marketing Blunders • Understanding Hispanic Identity • Level of Acculturation • Acculturation Hispanic Americans • Progressive Learning Model • • • • • • • • Host Culture • Acculturation Ethnography Acculturation Agents Culture of Origin Culture of Immigration Movement Translation Adaptation Figure 14-2: A Model of Consumer Acculturation Hispanic Americans • • • • • Assimilation Maintenance Resistance Segregation Ethnic Pluralism Asian Americans • Segmenting Asian Americans Religious Subcultures • Megachurches • The Impact of Religion on Consumption Figure 14-3: Statistics of Religion Segments ...
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