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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 17 The Creation and Diffusion of Chapter Consumer Culture Consumer by Michael R. Solomon PowerPoint by Milton M. Pressley University of New Orleans The Creation of Culture – Cooptation Figure 17-1: The Movement of Meaning The Creation of Culture – Cultural Selection Figure 17-2: The Cultural Production Process The Creation of Culture – Cultural Production Systems (CPS) The Creation of Culture – Components of a CPS – A Creative Subsystem – A Managerial Subsystem – A Communications Subsystem – Cultural Gatekeepers – Throughput Sector – High Culture and Popular Culture – Arts and Crafts – Art Product – Craft Product The Creation of Culture – High Art Versus Low Art The Creation of Culture – Cultural Formulae – Cultural Formula – Aesthetic Market Research – Reality Engineering – Product Placement – Cultivation Hypothesis The Diffusion of Innovations – Innovation – Adopting Innovations Figure 17-3: Types of Adopters The Diffusion of Innovations – – – – Laggards Late Adopters Innovators Early Adopters – Behavioral Demands of Innovations – Continuous Innovation – Dynamically Continuous Innovation – Discontinuous Innovation Discontinuous The Diffusion of Innovations – Prerequisites for Successful Adoption – Compatibility – Trialability – Complexity – Observability – Relative Advantage The Fashion System – – – – Code Context-Dependent Undercoded Fashion (or Style) – Cultural Categories The Fashion System – Collective Selection – Behavioral Science Perspectives on Fashion – Psychological Models of Fashion – Erogenous Zones The Fashion System – Economic Models of Fashion – – – Parody Display Prestige-Exclusivity Effect Snob Effect The Fashion System – Sociological Models of Fashion – – – – Trickle-Down Theory Mass Fashion Trickle-Across Theory Trickle-Up – A “Medical” Model of Fashion – Meme Theory – Tripping Point – Cycles of Fashion Adoption – Fashion Life-Cycle Figure 17-4: Are you a Connector? The Fashion System – Fashion Acceptance Cycle – Introduction Stage – Regression Stage Figure 17-5: A Normal Fashion Cycle The Fashion System – – Classic Fad – Fad or Trend? Comparison of the Acceptance Cycles of Fads, Fashions, and Classics Transferring Product Meanings to Other Cultures – Think Globally, Act Locally – Adopt a Standardized Strategy – Etic Perspective – Adopt a Localized Strategy – Emic Perspective – National Character – Cultural Difference Relevant to Marketers Transferring Product Meanings to Other Cultures – Does Global Marketing Work? – The Diffusion of Consumer Culture – I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke… – Emerging Consumer Cultures in Transitional Economics – Globalized Consumption Ethic – Transitional Economies – Creolization ...
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