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Banned Pesticides According to the Environmental Protection Agency Aldrin Ethyly hexyleneglycol [6-12] Benzene Hexochloride [BHC] Fluoracemtamide 2,3,4,5-Bis (2-butylene) tetrohydrateo- 2-furaldehyde [Repellent-11] Hexochlorobenzene [HCB] Bromoxynil butyrate Lead Aresnate Cadmium compounds Leptohos Calcium arsenate Mercurous Chloride Captafol Mercuric Cholirde Carbon tetrachloride Mevinphos Chloranil Mirex Clordecone [Kepone] Monocrotophos Chlorinated camphene [toxaphene Nitrofen (TOK) Chlorobenzilate
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Unformatted text preview: OMPA (octamethylpyrophosphomaride) Chloromethoxyproplymercuric acetate [CPMA] Phenylmercury Acetate [PMA] Copper arsenate Phenylmeruric Oleate [PMO] Cyhexatine Potassium 2,4,5-tricholopenate DBCP Pyriminl [Vacor] DDT Safrole Dieldrin Silvex Dinoseb and salts Sodium Aresenite DI(ohenlymercury)dodecenylsuccinate [PMDS] TDE 1,2-dibromoethane ethylene dibromide [EDB] Terpene polychlorinates [Strobane] Endrin Thalium Sulfate EPN Vinyl Cholride...
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