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MAR3391FinalRolePlay - realizes chemicals are endangering...

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I have been to over 500 orchards this past year. And I am quite delighted that you afforded me the opportunity to tell you about myself and company. KO orchards has won award according to this magazine, and I know that’s prestigious award and a major accomplishment you should be proud. Of what really attracted me to this company is I found you have are very concerned not only with the. Just to give you background… naturally based insecticides for blank years. Every year mrkt share inc, bc as a society
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Unformatted text preview: realizes chemicals are endangering envt future, people find it’s a better way to do business. MY gps were share farmers, and had little farm sell flea mrkts During summer I worked Used chemicals Every year changed chemicals Ppl getting sick from chemicals I wanted to do something diff. while I majored in ag I stumbled across more natural, safe ways to protect our crops I have been w/orcon for 5 years. That it is not work Sell product that works and industry that I love....
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