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Testimonials Farmer A: Originally we decided to switch to Orcon’s insecticides, to improve our orchards image, after a major lawsuit by a local consumer, who was hospitalized due to consumption of pesticides on our peaches. Marketing our peaches as all-natural, chemical free, helped to not only regain our customer base, but increase it tremendously. Not only, are there no more health threats, but our orchard is now environmentally friendly as well. Using the beetles has allowed our orchard to raise the price of our peaches, while reducing our costs. This method is phenomenal, and I would recommend it to any farmer. Farmer B:  Using organic control’s award winning insecticide was the best decision our  orchard as ever made. The Asian lady beetles were extremely effective at protecting our 
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Unformatted text preview: crops, through all weathering conditions. Unlike the old pesticides we used, that washed away during growing seasons with heavy rainfall, the lady beetles never stopped working. While using the pesticides, we were constantly throwing away peaches that were damaged in spots that were not protected by the chemical spray, yet, that number decreased by half within the first growing season of using the lady beetles. We would recommend using Orcon’s beetles, for any size orchard! Farmer C: Wanting to increase the yield on our farm, we decided to give Orcon’s ladybeetles a chance. Within one growing season, our yields increased by 8%, translating into an $80,000 profit. Use ORCON!!...
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