CorrSymbols - See format directions.) PC Proofread...

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Correction Symbols Please look over all papers carefully. Make sure you understand all the “red marks” that appear on your paper. Understanding your mistakes will enable you to improve your writing with each new assignment. A-9 Unclear pronoun reference. Refer to page A-9 in the appendix of the text. CS Comma splice. You have joined together two independent clauses with nothing but a comma. Circle If the word is circled that means there is an error in spelling or usage. [ ] Fragment. There is an incomplete sentence within the brackets. LU Line up. (See format directions.) NS New sentence. Start a new sentence. 1S One space. S Space. (Something is wrong with the spacing.
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Unformatted text preview: See format directions.) PC Proofread carefully. =S Parallel structure. (Revise so the items appear in parallel structure.) R Reword or revise. ROL Read out loud. (Sometimes if you read something out loud, you will discover the error immediately.) ROL is often used with PC. ROL-R Read out loud - then revise or reword. SDS See directions sheet. (Directions have not been followed.) S/V Subject verb agreement. There is an error in subject/verb agreement. UN Unclear. The word or sentence you have used is unclear. U Usage. Something is wrong with the way the word is used. ^ Word missing. You have left out a word....
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CorrSymbols - See format directions.) PC Proofread...

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