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Group Symposium General Information You have been assigned to a special task force to develop new products for your company. . You and your group members will function as a consulting team to develop an original product to present to the class. You will determine a "problem" that exists in the business world . Your product will be the "solution" to that problem. You will have 20 minutes to present your original product to the class. All members of the group will receive the same grade on the oral presentation of the product. A short letter of proposal will be turned in as soon as your group has determined a product. (Only one letter per group.) Follow proper letter writing format. The purpose of the letter is simply to inform me of the product you are developing. You do not have to explain the product in depth. The sooner you turn in your letter of proposal, the sooner you can "lock in" your idea. (No two products will be the same.) Presentation of the Symposium The group will present the product to the class.
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Unformatted text preview: Use the following format: Attention : Get the attention of the audience. Problem : Explain the problem that inspired you to create the product. Solution : Introduce the product. Future: Explain what the future will be like if people use your product. Conclusion : End the symposium with a call to action or a final thought. This is a creative assignment. The symposium should be interesting and vibrant. Your group will decide on the best method of presentation. Make your product "come alive". Tips for Presenting the Symposium Each member of the group must participate with a speaking part. Each member should be equally involved in the presentation. An environmental analysis should be done. (How will you set up the presentation area?) Presentations should be delivered extemporaneously. Proper aids to the presentation may be used: Visuals, Computer Power Point, Transparencies, Posters, Flip Charts, Videos, Models, Pictures, Graphs, Skits, Special Effects, etc. Have fun!...
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