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The Final Speech You will have 5 minutes to deliver a speech on the topic of your choice. The topic must be interesting, relevant, and important enough to gain and keep the audience's interest. You will be required to have at least two (2) outside sources in your bibliography. Preview Sheets indicating your topic will be turned in the day after the mid-term exam. All preview sheets will be returned to you with comments and feedback regarding your topic. The last day to change your topic is: date to be given in class. Please come professionally dressed for your speech. The speech will be taped. Please bring in your original tape. (The one you used for your persuasive speech.) The speech will receive two grades, one for content and one for delivery.
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Unformatted text preview: BEFORE you give your speech you will turn in the following: Speech Evaluation Sheet (Fill in the top part) Speech Outline (Format on website) Bibliography (At least two outside sources) Preview Sheet (The one I give back to you) PowerPoint Presentation Hard Copy (At least six slides to a page, may be in black and white) TAPE (The one you used for your Persuasive Speech) Do Not Use Any Notes. Use the PowerPoint as your Notes. This speech will be "your finest hour" in this class. It should be an enjoyable experience. Please do not wait until the last minute to work on this assignment. Have fun....
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