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InterculM2 - Intercultural Memo Directions Review all...

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“Intercultural Memo” Directions Review all concepts in Chapter 4: Communicating Across Cultures. Also, review all concepts in Chapter 8 regarding memo writing. Read again the tips for writing hard-copy memos which appear at the top of page 226. Check again pages 226, 232, and 237 for examples of how to format a memo. (These pages were given in the directions sheet for the “Design the Course” memo. Situation: As part of a College Student Exchange Program, a student from a foreign country will be coming to your house for dinner. You will determine the name of the student and the country the student is from. You decide exactly what to put in the DATE: TO: FROM: SUBJECT: section of the memo. In this memo you want to give the student an idea of your cultural background. You also want to explain some of the customs or traditions in your culture. Task: Write a ONE page memo with at least THREE paragraphs . Introduce your general ideas in the first paragraph.
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