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“Interviewing Skills” Memo Directions Review concepts in Chapter 16: Employment Communication. Also, review concepts in the Career Services Handout. Check again pages 226 and 232 for examples on how to format a memo. Situation: You are planning to interview for a job in the near future. You will decide on the name of the company and the specific job for which you are going to interview. Task: One of your professors has agreed to recommend you. Write to the professor and request that he or she send a letter of recommendation to the company where you are applying for a job. Provide data about the job description (you can be creative here. ..) and about yourself, so the professor can write a good letter for you. (Task from Business Communication: Mary Ellen Guffey, p. 583) Write a ONE page memo with at least THREE paragraphs . Tell the professor some of YOUR specific skills that make you the right person for the job. Be honest. Use your own skills. After reading your memo, the professor will have a good idea of what
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