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“Business Ideas” Memo Directions Review all concepts in Chapter 8. Review Checklist for Writing Routine E-Mail Messages and Memos pp. 236-237. Situation The major assignments for this class are described in the syllabus. However, we are looking for even more creative and innovative assignments which would help students function effectively and efficiently in the business world. We are looking for some good “business ideas.” Task Your challenge is to think of at least three (3) new assignments that could be given in this class. The assignments should be business related. What three assignments would you add to this class? Make the assignments relevant to YOUR particular needs. Make the assignments specific. Write a ONE PAGE memo with at least THREE paragraphs. Follow the format in Figure 8.3 p. 226. Do not follow the content of this memo. This memo is a guide for the format only. It shows you where to put the DATE/TO/FROM/SUBJECT etc. It also shows you the spacing format. At the top of your memo write:
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