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Name ________________________________ Panther ID _______________ Length ________ Topic ________________ ________________ Instructor / Section ______________ / _______ Enrolled in the College of Business? y/n ____ Is the student an Accounting major? y/n ____ The following rubric will be used to evaluate your oral presentation. When preparing your presentation, please follow your instructor’s distributed guidelines. Total Total Points Overall Evaluation ________________________________________________________________ 0-2 Unacceptable Presentation In Its Current Form 3-4 Presentation Needs Significant Revision 5-6 Presentation Needs Some Revision 7-8 Acceptable Presentation Student was present but chose not to deliver presentation. Points forfeited. Student was absent without excuse. Points forfeited. Does Not Meet Standards ( 0 Points) Approaches Standards (1 Point) Meets or Exceeds Standards (2 Points) Score Organization Obvious lack of preparation. Disorganized introduction, body, and conclusion. Speaker’s purpose is not evident. Partial preparation and organization of introduction, body, and/or conclusion.
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