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PERSUASIVE LETTER Directions Review general concepts in Chapters 9 & 10. Read Appendix pp. A-27-33. Use the ideas you developed in either your (Group Symposium) or (Persuasive Speech) (Claim of Policy – Moving the Audience to Action) to write a persuasive letter. Please follow these directions: 1 Write five (5) paragraphs. One page only! 2 Follow Monroe's Motivated Sequence. For example, the first paragraph should cover the ATTENTION STEP, the second paragraph should cover the NEED STEP, the third paragraph should cover the SATISFACTION STEP, the fourth paragraph should cover the VISUALIZATION STEP, and the fifth and last paragraph should cover the ACTION STEP. (Introduction, Problem, Solution, Future, Conclusion) 3 See Figure B.1 (Block format, Appendix p. A-29) for format. Single space the paragraphs and double space between paragraphs. The final letter should contain the following parts: return address of the sender (included in the letterhead),
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Unformatted text preview: dateline, inside address, salutation, (NO subject line), body, complimentary close, and signature block. (Note: Even though Figure B.1 has only 3 paragraphs, your letter will have 5 paragraphs. Remember: Leave out the subject line.) 4 Make up your own letterhead. You may make up a company, a company name, and a company address. 5 Write the letter to the person, persons, or company of your choice. 6 Sign your own name in the signature block. You may make up an appropriate title for yourself. 7 Pay close attention to both content (what you say) and delivery or mechanics (how you say it). 8 Proofread your letter carefully. 9 Make THREE copies of your letter for people to proof read. (get three opinions) 10 Revise your letter after viewing all the corrections. Turn in final letter on top. Turn in three proofread copies stapled to your final letter....
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