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“Political Memo” Directions Review all concepts in Chapter 8. Review Checklist for Writing Routine E-Mail messages and memos pp. 236-237. Write a ONE-PAGE memo with at least THREE paragraphs. (See formats on pages 226, 232, and 237). Introduce your general ideas in the first paragraph. Use the middle paragraph(s) for specific ideas. Use numbered bullets with parallel structure. Use the last paragraph to conclude the memo. Be ORIGINAL. Situation There are four people who are running for political office in the General Election on November 4th. Presidential Candidates: Senator John McCain
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Unformatted text preview: Senator Barack Obama Vice Presidential Candidates: Senator Joe Biden Governor Sarah Palin The debates are coming up (Presidential Debates: September 26, October 7, and October 15; Vice Presidential Debate: October 2) Because the candidates know that you are taking COM 3110, one of them (you pick which one) has come to you to get advice on how to be an effective communicator during the debate(s). Task Write a one page memo from you to the candidate of your choice. Give that candidate the kind of advice that will make him/her a “sure winner” in the upcoming debate(s)....
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